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Meet the new Piper M700 Fury, the first in a new generation of the Piper M-Class family, featuring the powerful Pratt and Whitney PT6A-52 engine, producing 700 shaft horsepower and Garmin’s innovative technology, including Autoland.




  • Propeller: Hartzell 5-Blade – Constant Speed – Fully Reversible
  • Fuel Capacity: Useable 260 US gal
  • Maximum Takeoff Weight: 6,000 lb
  • Maximum Ramp Weight: 6,050 lb
  • Standard Empty Weight: 3,730 lb
  • Standard Useful Load: 2,220 lb
  • Engine: Pratt & Whitney PT6A-52 Flat-Rated Horsepower at 700 SHP
  • Dimensions Wingspan: Wingspan: 43.2 ft / Height: 11.5 ft / Length: 29.7 ft
  • Max Range: 1,852 nm
  • Max Approved Altitude: 30,000 ft
  • Takeoff Distance (Over 50’ Obstacle): 1,994 ft
  • Landing Distance (Over 50’ Obstacle): 1,950 ft
  • Max Cabin Differential: 5.5 psi
  • Max Cruise Speed: 301 ktas

View the Piper M700 spec sheet



Halo Safety System

  • Autoland: If necessary, HALO takes over the controls and guides the aircraft to the nearest runway for a precision landing. Automatically activates when autopilot is in LVL mode for two minutes or when Emergency Descent Mode is activated at 14,000 feet. Can also be engaged manually by a guarded switch on the instrument panel. GFC 700 Autopilot with Advanced AFCS Fully integrated flight control system for exceptional flight automation with a dual AHRS-based system. Seamlessly integrates a flight director, autopilot, automatic trim and yaw damper into the G3000 suite.
  • Automatic Level Mode: Returns the aircraft to a wings-level attitude with zero vertical speed at the push of a button.
  • Autothrottle: The M600SLS includes a fully integrated, standalone auto throttle, which reduces the pilot workload. The single-lever autothrottle automatically adjusts the aircraft’s power settings based on the preset flight profile – from climb-out to the landing approach.
  • Hypoxia Recognition System with Automatic Descent Mode: Monitors pilot interaction when autopilot is engaged at cabin altitudes above 14,900 feet. If needed, the system brings the aircraft to a lower altitude to allow recovery from hypoxia.
  • SafeTaxi®: A highly detailed, georeferenced airport map that displays your aircraft’s position on the airfield. Also shows an overlaid map of hold short lines.
  • TerminalTraffic™: Syncs with SafeTaxi maps to display all ADS-B equipped aircraft and ground vehicles for increased situational awareness.
  • SurfaceWatchIts clear visual and aural cues direct you to the correct runway on takeoff and approach.
  • Flight Stream 510A wireless gateway that streamlines your workload by connecting preflight planning to your mobile device from the G3000 avionics system.