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Aircraft Management Services

Owning and operating an aircraft is a vital asset to completing your business goals and objectives.  While the benefits of aircraft ownership are numerous, safe and cost-efficient management requires significant expertise and experience.  Skytech’s comprehensive Aircraft Management program is the ideal solution for individuals and businesses with travel needs that justify aircraft ownership, without the risks and responsibilities of managing day-to-day operations.

The fundamentals of Aircraft Management include:

Safety:  Understanding, meeting and exceeding regulatory and industry standards while providing the flexibility aircraft ownership affords.

Personalized Service:  We take the time to understand your personal needs, tastes and preferences to create a truly welcoming experience for you and your passengers.

Crew:  Recruitment and placement of top quality pilots.   

Operations:  From scheduling to trip monitoring, you’re backed by a team focused on your needs.

Maintenance:  Skytech’s FAA award winning maintenance facilities are experts on your aircraft allowing you to take full advantage of OEM service center capabilities to keep your aircraft in top shape for your trips and future resale needs.

Charter:  This option allows owners to offset costs by flying revenue flights when schedules permit.


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