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Skytech Travel LLC operates the Pilatus PC-24.  The PC-24 is a Super Versatile Jet that shares many of the unique features of its PC-12 sibling – such as the airstair and large cargo door.  While the PC-24 has the versatility of a turboprop, its cabin and performance are that of a jet.  Some of its features include:

  • Spacious 501 ft3 cabin with a continuously flat floor
  • A generous 51 × 49 in. cargo door to easily load larger items
  • All internal pressurized baggage compartment
  • Fully enclosed flushing lavatory with sink
  • Engineered to land on unpaved runways
  • A simplistic and user-friendly cockpit environment offers an intuitive experience for pilots while boasting improved safety features

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To inquire about a charter flight, please contact Skytech Travel LLC at   


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