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John Foster - President

As of January 1st, Skytech assumed responsibility for Piper Aircraft Service and Sales in the northeastern U.S. First and foremost, we would like to thank our industry compatriots at Columbia Aircraft Services for building a 40-year foundation of Piper Aircraft Sales and Service in the region. Speaking for your Dealer associates, we appreciate your diligence and professionalism over the decades. 

Going forward Skytech will build on that foundation as well as our own U.S. and world-leading success in the northeast as we represented the Cessna Caravan there in previous decades. We have adopted a plan to achieve similar levels of success as we enhance and expand the Piper presence in the territory.

Because we were founded 44 years ago as a parts and service entity let’s address the Service component first. For the southern end of the territory our Westminster, Maryland location is some 55 minutes from the New York metro area if you are flying a piston-powered PA-46. In Westminster, we station a company-owned 2010 Mirage as well as a Piper Saratoga that are dedicated to the Service Department. Their purpose is to support our Service customers around the region. We also have a Service Center and two more support aircraft in our Charlotte-area location. In both locations, we offer complete FBO, Charter, and Aircraft Management services.

In addition to our own Piper service capacity, we will be appointing at least three Authorized Piper Service Centers in New England. The group includes long-time Piper affiliate Shoreline Aviation in Marshfield, Massachusetts and a second existing Piper affiliate, Three Wing Aviation in Bridgeport, Connecticut. We intend to appoint the third support center, located in southern Maine, in the near future.

The aircraft sales component of our efforts will leverage our 40-year affiliation with Piper Aircraft. Featuring the new crown jewel of General Aviation, the amazing new

M600/SLS with Emergency Autoland, Piper sales in the region will be coordinated by Rhode Island native, former airline pilot, and 15-year Skytech veteran Tony Sammartino.  As of today, we have established an initial office presence in Providence, Rhode Island. Tony can be reached at 401.363.5007 or

Beginning this month, we also have dedicated Demonstration units in the region. If you have any doubt that an M600/SLS is the most amazing turboprop in the sky, we will dispel your doubt in short order. Plus, if you have an existing relationship with any of the aforementioned Service Centers, we are happy to coordinate a sales demonstration through them. Over time we will construct in the northeast the same service-based relationship that Skytech customers have enjoyed for the past 44 years.

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