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Making Your Airplane Like New Again

Winter Advantage Magazine 2009“In a perfect world, everyone would be flying around in a brand new airplane complete with new airplane smell and the most advanced, modern and safe equipment known to man.  In the real world, purchasing a new airplane isn’t always in the cards. However, staying with your tried and true doesn’t mean you can’t enhance your current airplane’s capability, reliability, appearance and most importantly safety. There are many options awaiting someone considering an upgrade, and many questions that should be asked before a decision is made.  The initial question needing to be asked when considering an upgrade is, “What part of the flight experience am I looking to enhance?” Is the purpose for the upgrade to improve the flight capabilities for the pilot, overall safety, experience for the passengers or maybe even to position the aircraft more favorably in the market place for a future sale?  It is wise to consider the aircraft’s status in the market place, and how a certain modification would affect its value. Consulting a trusted shop and dealer that are experts on your particular aircraft can help you navigate through any market analysis questions.  This consultation can help you determine if a modification would add a return to a future sale or simply provide value for your current situation………”

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Excerpted from the Skytech Advantage magazine, Winter 2009 Issue, Page 1.  

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